Ezra Titus

1966 – 2009

The Passion of The Christ

By Mel Gibson

Reviewed by Ezra

I tried to watch this with an open mind.

To me, it’s just a story, but if you twist a story that’s important to some people, it can be bad. (Please don’t make me illustrate everything by posting 100 pictures of Hitler.)

First, in this film, the story is twisted in its very focus. The movie is dedicated almost exclusively to the savage beating of a blood-spurting, animatronic Christ. For an hour, I sat through this quasi-snuff film thinking, “They’re trying to make a point. He suffered a lot.” But that didn’t stop, and after two hours, I thought, “Now, I’m just watching someone get his ass kicked over and over, in different ways.”

You need a better story, like Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines to make endless brutality entertaining. In fact, The Passion of The Christ is markedly more violent, but that’s not the point.

I mean, the crucifixion’s a good story, if not as good as T3. But, the story presented in this movie is not the biblical story. This is a version from the dark ages, when art often focused on death, and it was specifically intended to engender hatred against Jews. That’s fine too, I guess. Whatever people want to watch is not up to me. But who could deny that in this, there’s a pretension that the story is biblically and even historically accurate? I love repeating this: Christ was a Jew.

This is off the track, but think about who’s telling you this version of the story. Does anyone remember Beyond Thunderdome? – This guy has a fucking church? That’s the kind of shit that made me rip the cross off my neck 6 years ago.

If you saw it as a movie, and walked out, and if you loved it, that would be great! However, this movie has now been (I must say, predictably) incorporated into American Evangelical Christian “doctrine.”

(Do I have to use the word “doctrine” for a bunch of intolerant jerks who have no idea what they’re saying? I do? Oh, ok.)

The problem with that is this: If you like violent movies, that’s one thing. When you base a religion on three hours of whipping, I don’t know. It seems misguided. Still, the site does exist to get you going, so here –